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Rebel Nicks O'Dey

About Rebel Nicks O'Dey

Rebel is retired from a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Service) as a first responder. One downfall of her profession was never knowing what happens next. Once a patient is safely in the emergency room, she never knew if they recovered, if their family made it in time, or if life could go on. She dealt with the stress by writing rich backstories and twisting their trauma into a happily ever after. She writes real-life horror and the darkest pieces of humanity but with light through the scars, love, healing, and humor. After becoming intimately involved in the trials and tribulations of her characters, she laughs when they laugh, cries when they cry, and sighs at the end. Rebel hopes you, too, get lost in another world, find light in the dark, get inspired, and get frisky with your Love.


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What's Next?

Rebel is working on her next series Sextually Ever After. Books in this series are the brainchild of infuriating auto-correct errors.  Each Couple meets because of an unintended text. She is using her favorite auto-correct errors as book titles. Look for the laughs beginning the summer of 2020.

Rock Hard Clock

Kiss My Click

Duck You!

Work In Progress
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X My <3

After the incident, four brothers vowed to love, but never date her.

Morgan made her chicken soup to feed her body and soul.

Connor taught her what love is with a weekly movie date.

Xander held her when the demons wouldn't let her sleep.

Zack made her a badass who is no longer afraid of the dark.

The girl next door is coming home, all grown up, and ready to claim one of them.
Has it been long enough?
Separating the girl who needed them, from the woman who wants only him, will make navigating a relationship through the hooks of the Fisher Family, and the mysteries that surround them, difficult at best.

Xing Lines

Mr. "I separate my laundry into six loads" is not in my plan.

The "so clean it's sterile and alarmingly white" apartment is his, but we share a bed.
Don't look at me like that, with his five million thread count sheets and a mattress made of angel kisses, you'd hook it, too. Besides, I need a bed that fabulous after a day of losing myself in a heartbreaking and dangerous investigation.
He crosses all kinds of lines to give me what I need, even if I'm not in his plan.

With all this chemistry, heat, and passion tangling between us, I'm almost afraid to meet him in real life.

After all, plans aren't the only best things laid.

On the X

The Seh holds a lot of secrets, but Becca knows all of them.
She's not the little girl they slapped a price tag on anymore.
She's a government-trained assassin and she has a plan.

1.) Be smarter.
2.) Be stronger.
3.) Make a deal with a stranger.

What could go wrong?
Life won't get in the way. Love isn't an option.
Payback is her bitch.
She signed her name on the X and repeated with a raised hand
I, Rebecca Fisher...

X Factor

It took a village to raze the Seh.
As we roast marshmallows over the dying embers of the Seh compound, we reminisce on the journey of the incredible Fisher Family and their hard-earned happily ever afters.
Her story started when an apprentice fell in love with a second daughter. From the forbidden match made in hell came the secrets, the answers, and the girl who Morgan Fisher proposed to when he was just eight years old.
She is the mind behind the Diary of a Casual Observer and it’s more than just a blog, it’s a legend. It’s also the only visible tip of an epic network of cybercriminals committed to fixing the wrongs of the elite.
She created the blog when her own personal diary was epically violated. From the ashes, she took back her power and it wouldn’t be the last time she needed to do it.
Eventually, the blog grew into an advice column with a little whistleblowing on the side. It was everything they needed to take on a scandal that rocked the world.

In the dust stood the woman who rocked Morgan.

Anchor 1


Going Down

Rockstar Dylan Hart has learned some hard lessons in his short life. It makes him a fascinating candidate for an interview with Behind the Legend's Bailey Bonita.
It's against his contract to give the interview. He knows what you're thinking, "why do it?"
He came here for one reason, to get the girl. He's not leaving without her. The only way to win her heart is, to tell the truth. Once all his secrets are spilled, he will be in breach of contract. His career will be over. The unfolding lawsuits will ensure he never sees a dime of his fortune.

Just how far will he go for one more chance with her? All the way; in all the best ways.

Sanity Series
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